Don't feel like walking or running but want to participate in the day's events???  Join the cardio drumming class that will take place on the grassy area next to where the run/walk takes place.  This is a new, fun form of exercise!  Pre-registration for cardio drumming is available on the registration forms or online.  Pre-registration is $25 per person or $75 for a family of 5.  This includes a race Tshirt.  You can have a family of 5 who choose to walk, run and drum!  Come on out and ENJOY the fun!

Sponsor Kids

McKenna Whipple

McKenna is a 22 year old  girl from Erie, Mi.  She is the daughter of Randy and Trudy Whipple and the sister of Chad & Eric Whipple.  She spends most of her days at the University of Michigan working in the VP of communications office.  She now also visits Mott's Children's hospital often due to recent diagnoses.  Prior to being diagnosed in January with a blood disorder called PNH and a bone marrow failure disease called Aplastic Anemia she hadn't spent much time in hospitals.  Now she frequents the hospital often and as difficult as that may be, she has met and been taken care of by some of the most caring individuals.  After choosing Mott's as her primary care hospital, she was told that she needed a bone marrow transplant and needed one of her siblings to match.  With only a 24% chance that her brothers would be a match, by some miracle---they were a match!  After more testing and with some unfortunate complications, they were both deemed ineligible to be her donors.  Being back to square one, McKenna recently underwent an immunosuppresive drug therapy to help with the Aplastic Anemia. For now, McKenna is looking for an unrelated bone marrow match in order to discuss a bone marrow transplant. As of now, McKenna has regular doctors visits about twice a week where she has blood and platelet transfusions and she is working on building her strength and endurance back up.  


Archer Brazeau

Archer Brazeau is a 2 month old baby from Toledo, Ohio.  He is the son of Kirk and Nikki Brazeau and the brother of Anderson Brazeau.  Kirk grew up in Erie, attending St. Joseph school from Kindergarten through 8th grade and then attending SMCC for high school.  Archer was born with RDEB or Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa which is a genetic skin condition where a person's body does not produce the necessary nutrients to effectively bond the layers of skin together.  This essentially means that any friction to any part of the body will immediately result in blistering, peeling and burns at the point of contact.  This also takes place internally in the mouth, throat and esophageal tract leaving Archer extremely susceptible to an array of complications that can be life threatening.  As of now, there is no cure for this disease and there is also no treatment protocol.  This means that throughout Archer's most likely, shortened window of life, he will have to endure what equates to being a burn patient each day for the rest of his life, with intricate dressing changes, restricted growth and mobility, malnutrition, infection and an extremely increased risk of cancer.  While this will be a very long and meandering road ahead for the family and for baby Archer, they are confident in the spirit, love and support of Archer, shown by so many in his family, friends and community.  While it is easy to focus on the negative aspects that they are reminded of daily, the family chooses to see the positive beauty of the human spirit and the generosity that the community has given to them during such a difficult time.     


By request of McKenna Whipple, we will be hosting a bone marrow drive this year from 8am-noon.  Will you be the MATCH???  Please check out the booth in the cafeteria to see if you can save a life!  Ages 18-44.

By request of McKenna Whipple, we will be hosting a bone marrow drive this year from 8am-noon. Will you be the MATCH??? Please check out the booth in the cafeteria to see if you can save a life! Ages 18-44.